BxLogistics installation part 3 - BxMobile

How to install BxMobile on Andriod terminals and iOS units

There are two ways to install BxMobile on Android terminals. One is via Google Play Store, which requires a login Google account on the terminal. BxSoftware is in no way responsible for creating or supporting Google accounts. Not all terminals are delivered with the Google Play Services so the easiest and best way to install BxMobile is to download an .apk file from our website.

First things first: To install BxMobile, you need to connect the terminal to the correct wifi after the initial start up. 

Installation .apk file on terminals that run on Android 8 and newer

Here, we will address how to install Android on a Memor 10 terminal. The same procedure is applied for all terminals that runs on Android 8 or newer. For Android 7 and below, there is a slight differenct way to do it, but the principle remains the same. To avoid having to open the browser and type in the URL manually, the QR code can be scanned directly from the handheld terminal. Follow the next steps below. 

  1. Open the web browser, usually Chrome - or Chromium if the terminal comes without Google Play Services.
  2. In the URL field, type in bxsoftware.no/bxmobile.apk - You will now receive a warning that Chrome needs access to download files, press Continue. Allow permission to access media/files on the unit.
  3. Press Download during the next dialogue. In the pull down menu on top, you can keep track of the download process.
  4. Open the downloaded file to start the installation. You will be notified to activate installation from an unknown source from Chrome, go to Settings and turn on Allow from this source and then go back - which means one of the three bottom software or hardware keys on/under the screen. Or - depending on what model you have - the return key on a keypad.
  5. After hitting the return key, you will now return to installation, and as foreseen, press Install. Now just let it do its magic until the installation is complete, and when it is, press Open to run BxMobile.
  6. The initial startup of BxMobile will ask for permission to access camera/video and allow it to administrate the phone function. This is necessary for the scanner/camera function in the app to work properly, and so that we can retrieve information about the unit itself during the setup. These are standard Google application permissions. You must press Allow on BOTH of these for the application to work.
  7. Complete! BxMobile is successfully installed, and this image will now appear.

Next step will be to pair the terminal in BxAdmin. Follow the instructions in installation part 4 to learn how this is done. 

Android 7 and older

More information with pictures, coming soon.

Follow the same step by step guide as above, but step 4 will in this case be step 1 via Settings -> Security -> Activate Unknown Sources.

Installation via Google Play Store

BxMobile is for now no longer available via Google Play Store. As per now, you must use the apk file. 

Installation iOS units (iPhone/iPad)

There is only one way to install BxMobile on iOS units, and that's via the Appstore. The correct application is available here.

Update the terminal

If you need to update BxMobile to the latest version via .apk installation, you can find More information here.
If haven't logged in, you will not have access to the update button. You will then have to update by redoing the installation.

If the app is installed via Play Store, you will receive the update through there, but you can also choose to update the same way as the link above.