Visma.Net Integration

How to integrate with BxLogistics using Visma App Store

To connect with BxLogistics, a user with the role "Integration Administrator" for App Store needs to add and grant permissions to the BxLogistics App from Visma App Store

Direct link to the App: - This direct link will take you directly to the app. You do not need to click "Hent appen" up in the left corner, this will only take you to our homepage - scroll further down until you see "Angi tillatelser". 
The app can also be found through search, but note that there is two available. The correct one is "BxLogistics".

Continue to the bottom of the page to get started with giving permissions.

Proceed by executing the following steps:

All done! 
We'll receive a notification once the app is added, and we'll then make the necessary configuration adjustments.

If you are a Partner and are doing the configuration for your customer, the customer can find their tenantID in the top right corner in the app store.

You will then need to add the TenantID in BxAdmin under Configuration - Company. The correct field is vismanettenantid.